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How can I impregnate Getxent tubes with live human odor?

1.Open the packaging containing Getxent tubes and pick-up a Getxent tube with tweezers while wearing disposable gloves

2.Place at least one Getxent tube as close as possible to the live human (holding in hands, under armpits, knee pits etc.)

3.Impregnate the Getxent tube 

For live human tracking, we recommend 5 to 10 minutes.

In the particular case of human disease detection, impregnation duration of few seconds to few minutes is sufficient for a detection by properly trained dogs. For training purpose, we recommend 20 minutes of impregnation. 

4.Pick-up the Getxent tube with tweezers while wearing disposable gloves. Then, store it in a clean, small volume, odor-free and tightly closable container.

Updated on 17 Mar 2024