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How long can I use an impregnated Getxent tubes?

The duration of use of an impregnated Getxent tubes highly depends on:

  • Set-up used for impregnation
  • Duration of impregnation
  • Sensitivity threshold of the dog

It also depends on the time spent outside its closed storage packaging.

For "long" impregnation duration (>6h), you can use the following thumb rule : the duration of impregnation is equal to the duration of continuous use. For example, a Getxent tube impregnated during 48h will last 48h if use continuously. 48h of continuous use corresponds to 2x 1h trainings per week during 6 months

That is the reason why we consider that typically, impregnated Getxent tubes can be used up to 6 months.

For "short" impregnation duration (<6h) results are different. For example, Getxent tubes impregnated during 20min with Covid+ persons were successfully used at least 1h during training.


Updated on 24 Jul 2023