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How can I impregnate Getxent tubes with odor of fire accelerants?

We recommend impregnating Getxent tube for each fire accelerant product (molecule) and not mixing all of them in one Getxent tube. 


Recommendations for impregnation process:

  1. Place the fire accelerant (liquid) in a glass jar
  2. Suspend the Getxent tube above the liquid with an uncoated metal wire
  3. Avoid direct contact of the Getxent tube with body fluid
  4. Close the jar and let impregnate
  5. Collect Getxent tube and immediately store it in appropriate container (Getxent glass vial)


General recommendations:

  • Glass jar:
    • Smallest volume possible: typically few ml to 100ml
    • Odorless materials: glass with metal cap, no seal
    • Hermetically closable: screw
  • Impregnation duration:
    • Depends on the final use (dog training, detection threshold lowering, GC-MS analysis, etc.)
    • Longer impregnation duration will lead to higher odor intensity
    • 3 to 7 days are recommended
  • Temperature for impregnation:
    • Room temperature
    • Lower temperature will lead to slower odor collection




Updated on 11 Jul 2023