Getxent, science and innovation for detection dog

Getxent has developed a unique technology for detection dog. The Getxent tube allows dogs to detect all kinds of odors through its ability to capture all scent molecules and release them continuously.

Its product is used throughout the world in the areas of health, environment and defense in order to diagnose diseases, search for endangered species, detect explosive, and more.

Getxent tubes use unique patented technology with a wide range of possibilities

COVID-19 detection
Cancer detection
Rare species detection
Invasive species detection

Bedbugs detection
Wildlife detection
TATP detection

Why choose Getxent?

A unique solution

Getxent tubes can be easily impregnated by any odor or complex mixture of odors (diseases, explosives, fire accelerants, drugs, protected species, …). 

Odor retention and durability

Thanks to its patented, innovative composition, the Getxent tube accurately absorbs odor moleculesreleasing them over a period of up to six months. 

Safety & Transport

Suitable for all uses, the tube presents no limitations in handling transport, dog’s work, or eventual disposal of the product. As a result, Getxent tube is a significant advantage for detection dog trainers.

Number of
Getxent Tube

Getxent Tube

Our clients praise us

Getxent revolutionizes detection dog. Considering the importance of our missions, we consider it our duty to offer a very high-level quality of product and service. For that, we encourage discussions with our clients and try to maintain a permanent and close relationship with them. Our objective is to transform our products into solutions for our clients. Learn more about us.

In Brazil, it's illegal to train detection dogs with real cadaver fragments. The tube absorbs perfectly the cadaver odor. Getxent tubes are revolutionary.
Joao Henrique de Oliveira Machado

Veterinary and criminal specialist in Scientific Police (Brazil)

Getxent Tubes are important capital gain to train our dogs. I can also travel easily with these tubes, even internationally!
Grégory Morin

Dog trainer (France)

Il permettra aux maîtres d’entraîner les chiens à la reconnaissance de l’odeur du Covid, sans que personne, ni les humains ni les chiens, ne soit exposé à la contamination.
Tribune de Genève

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