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Getxent Dog Scent Training Kit

Getxent has developed an innovative technology for detection dogs, utilizing their unique sense of smell to detect a wide range of odors.
This technology is used globally in the fields of health, environment, and defense, aiding in the diagnosis of diseases, identification of endangered species, and detection of explosives, among other applications. The advanced technology of Getxent scent tube makes it an invaluable tool for a variety of industries.
Leveraging on this knowledge, the Getxent technology is now used in other fields for odor profile analysis allowing to see the unseen thanks to its amazing capability to collect and to concentrate scent.

Why choose Getxent?

A unique solution

Getxent tubes can be easily impregnated by any target odor (diseases, explosives, fire accelerants, narcotics, protected species…).

Odor retention and durability

Thanks to its patented, innovative composition, the Getxent tube accurately absorbs odor molecules, releasing them over a period of up to six months.

Safety & Transport

Suitable for all uses, the tube presents no limitations in handling transport, dog’s work, or safety.As a result, Getxent tube is a significant advantage for detection dog training in public setting.