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How can I impregnate Getxent tubes with human remains/cadaver?

1.Open the packaging containing Getxent tubes and pick-up a Getxent tube with tweezers while wearing disposable gloves

2.Place the tube as close as possible to humain remains in a closed space:

  • For full human body, in compartment in mortuary cold room or body bag
  • For body parts, in a closed glass jar.

In both case tubes can be suspended above corpse with an uncoated stainless steel wire or place in a open glass jar. Ideally, avoid direct contact of tubes with corpse.

3.Impregnate the Getxent tube ; see our recommendation for duration

4.Pick-up the Getxent tube with tweezers while wearing disposable gloves. Then, store it in a clean, small volume, odor-free and tightly closable container.

Updated on 24 Apr 2024