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How can I collect odors with RASCO?

  1. Open the Getxent RASCO case and take the Getxent RASCO accessory out
  2. If necessary, plug a hose on the top of RASCO accessory
  3. Open the pouch/vial containing non-impregnated Getxent tubes and pick-up a Getxent tube with tweezers
  4. With tweezers, slide the Getxent tube in the Getxent RASCO until you feel it blocked inside
  5. Plug the Getxent RASCO accessory on the vacuum cleaner; a click will make sure it is fastened correctly.
  6. Select "Medium" vacuum speed on the vacuum cleaner
  7. Press the trigger on the vacuum cleaner to start the collection of odors and keep on pressing during the time required for the sampling
  8. When the sampling is done, press the puller on the Getxent RASCO accessory while pulling it until it slides out of the vacuum cleaner.
  9. With tweezers, remove the impregnated Getxent tube and store it in a clean, small volume, odor-free and tightly closable container.
  10. Clean the Getxent RASCO accessory. There are two ways:
    1. Vacuum the device without the tube inside (preferred way at operational level)
    2. Use solvent with the following procedure: https://getxent.com/a/docs/cleaning/how-can-i-clean-getxent-rasco
  11. Re-pack in the Getxent RASCO case.

When RASCO device and/or vacuum cleaners are new, firsts insertions and removals of RASCO can be difficult. It disappears after 2-3 insertions/removals.

Updated on 17 Mar 2024