About us

We sell well beyond a tube, we contribute to a better future: healthier, greener and safer

Gregory Herin


With an academic background combining Science (ECPM Strasbourg) and Business (HEC Paris) and after 10 years working for international companies, designing the best customer fitted product, time was right to shape my vision: To design a unique innovation enabling disease detection, population safety and environment protection. This is what we strive for everyday with Getxent.

Quentin Courrier


Passionate about science and graduated from ECPM Strasbourg, I spent the last 10 years to develop innovative materials for international companies. Among these innovations Getxent is the most promising technology. Bringing Getxent further makes a real sense for me to face the challenges of the world that we live in today.

Consumer at the core

Maintaining a close relationship with our consumers is part of Getxent’s DNA. It is those multiple relationships and getting in touch with users, that drives the continuous expansion of our technology.

It's about passion and skills


Developing unique and advanced technology requires passion first and foremost. Working for science andthe common good stimulates us every day.


For more than ten years, we have been making our passion and skills available to companies around the world.


We do not hesitate tocommunicatewith our consumers to understand their needs and collect their feedback on the product.

Human development

Whether it is Getxent’s employees or our consumers, our priority is human relations. Our development is driven by strong and long-lasting relationships.