Analysis of non-hazardous canine training aids for triacetone triperoxide (TATP)

Jul 3, 2024

This study about non-hazardous TATP training aids (financed by the FBI) shows clearly all the benefits of Getxent tubes:

  • Blank Getxent tube is the cleanest training aid on the market. It adheres to the NIST OSAC Dogs and Sensors Subcommittee recommendations for the use of blank training aids.
  • Getxent tube TATP odor release is considered constant over time, especially in the first hours of continuous use
  • TATP odor concentration increases with Getxent tube impregnation time
  • Getxent tube can last at least 3 weeks in continuous use
  • The TATP impregnated Getxent tubes still have odor in it after 6 months of storage

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