Currency - Odor Getxent tubes
Currency - Odor Getxent tubes
Currency - Odor Getxent tubes

Currency - Odor Getxent tubes

Currency - Odor Getxent tubes

Pack of 10 tubes
150+ uses / 100% real bank notes odor / Odor 100% accurate / No-pseudo
Approved by: customs, police, law enforcement agencies

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Training aids for detection dog

Do you want to train your dog on real currency odor? It is now possible for USD and EUR currency and allows you to train with your favorite training aid even if you don’t have access to the target material. 

The odor Getxent tube provides a safe and effective way to train detection dogs in real-world conditions. These odor Getxent tubes release the selected scent accurately and continuously for up to six months, allowing for long-term training.


Getxent tubes, a patented technology of Polymer Odor Capture and Release.


Pack of 10 Getxent tubes already impregnated seven days with shredded bank notes.

Key features

  • Effective for training detection dogs in real-world conditions
  • Releases odor molecules accurately and continuously for up to 6 months
  • Wide range of target odors available for detection dog training from imprinting to operational detection 
  • Patented technology based on an innovative polymer 


  • 10x Getxent tube ready to use with your target odor in it
  • Tube dimensions: 8x35 mm / 0.3x1.4 in.
  • Tube weight: 0.93 g / 0.002 lbs
  • Shelf life: 6 months

Shipping and delivery

For odor tubes references not in stock (inventory on the way), please allow three to four weeks for shipping.


Currency detection dogs, also known as currency-sniffing dogs or money detection dogs, are trained to detect the scent of currency, particularly large amounts of cash:

  • Customs and Border Control: Currency detection dogs play a role in customs and border control operations to identify individuals attempting to transport large amounts of currency across national borders. This helps authorities detect potential instances of money laundering or illegal financial activities.
  • Airport Security: In airport security settings, currency detection dogs are used to screen passengers, luggage, and cargo for the presence of large sums of cash. This is important for preventing the illegal movement of money and ensuring compliance with currency reporting regulations.
  • Law Enforcement Investigations: Currency detection dogs assist law enforcement agencies in financial crime investigations, particularly those related to money laundering, drug trafficking, organized crime, and other illegal activities. These dogs can help locate hidden stashes of cash during searches.
  • Financial Institutions: Some financial institutions may employ currency detection dogs as an additional measure to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. These dogs can assist in identifying suspicious transactions or the presence of illicit funds within banking facilities.
  • Search Warrants: Currency detection dogs may be used when executing search warrants in cases where there is suspicion of large-scale financial wrongdoing. These dogs can help law enforcement locate hidden cash that may be evidence of illegal activities.
  • Public Events and Venues: In certain situations, currency detection dogs may be used at public events, high-profile gatherings, or venues where there is a heightened risk of financial crimes or the presence of large amounts of cash.
  • Investigations of White-Collar Crimes: Currency detection dogs are valuable tools in investigations of white-collar crimes, where individuals may attempt to conceal illicit gains in the form of cash. These dogs can assist in locating hidden funds and assets.



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