Narcotics - Odor Getxent tubes
Narcotics - Odor Getxent tubes
Narcotics - Odor Getxent tubes

Narcotics - Odor Getxent tubes

Narcotics - Odor Getxent tubes

Pack of 10 tubes
150+ uses / 100% real narcotics odor / Odor 100% accurate / No-pseudo
Approved by: Police, customs, correctional services, International Police Canine Association (IPCA)
Narcotic odor

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Training aids for detection dog

Do you want to train your dog on real narcotics odor? It is now possible for 29+ odors of narcotics and allows you to train with your favorite training aid even if you don’t have access to the target material. 

The odor Getxent tube provides a safe and effective way to train detection dogs in real-world conditions. These odor Getxent tubes release the selected scent accurately and continuously for up to six months, allowing for long-term training.


Getxent tubes, a patented technology of Polymer Odor Capture and Release.


Pack of 10 Getxent tubes already impregnated seven days with 200mg of pure narcotic.

Key features

  • Effective for training detection dogs in real-world conditions
  • Releases odor molecules accurately and continuously for up to 6 months
  • Wide range of target odors available for detection dog training from imprinting to operational detection 
  • Patented technology based on an innovative polymer 


  • 10x Getxent tube ready to use with your target odor in it
  • Tube dimensions: 8x35 mm / 0.3x1.4 in.
  • Tube weight: 0.93 g / 0.002 lbs
  • Shelf life: 6 months

Shipping and delivery

For odor tubes references not in stock (inventory on the way), please allow three to four weeks for shipping.


Narcotics detection dogs, also known as drug detection dogs or drug-sniffing dogs, are trained to detect the presence of illegal drugs or controlled substances:

  • Border Control: Narcotics detection dogs play a crucial role in border security, helping customs and border protection officers identify individuals attempting to smuggle illegal drugs across national borders. These dogs are often used at border crossings, ports of entry, and checkpoints.
  • Airport Security: In airports, narcotics detection dogs are employed to screen passengers, luggage, and cargo for the presence of illegal drugs. This enhances security measures and helps prevent the transportation of narcotics via air travel.
  • Law Enforcement Operations: Police departments and law enforcement agencies use narcotics detection dogs in various operations, including raids, searches of vehicles, and investigations. These dogs assist officers in locating hidden or concealed drugs.
  • Correctional Facilities: Narcotics detection dogs are utilized in prisons and correctional facilities to help prevent the smuggling of illegal drugs into the facility. Regular searches with these dogs can deter drug-related activities within the prison system.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Some educational institutions use narcotics detection dogs to conduct random searches for drugs on school premises. This helps maintain a safe and drug-free environment for students and staff.
  • Public Events and Venues: Narcotics detection dogs are deployed at public events, concerts, festivals, and other venues to deter and detect drug-related activities. This enhances the safety and security of attendees.
  • Transportation Security: Dogs trained to detect narcotics are used in transportation hubs such as train stations and bus terminals to screen passengers and luggage for the presence of illegal drugs. This contributes to overall public safety in the transportation sector.
  • Search Warrants: Law enforcement officers may use narcotics detection dogs when executing search warrants. These dogs can quickly and efficiently search residences, vehicles, or other locations to identify the presence of illegal drugs.



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Customer Reviews

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Courtney Mansfield
Getxent Meth Odour

I am incredibly happy with this product and all of the narcotics odour impregnated Getxent tubes received through my local distributor. The Getxent tube has completely changed my ability to work with and imprint my dogs on odours I would not be able to otherwise procure. To be able to also work with such a product and not be unnecessarily concerned about handling it extremely carefully due to the way in which it works is fantastic. And to add the fact that it is safe to use around young dogs which might be tempted to bite things is even better. My operational narcotics dog has been trained using the Getxent narcotics products and has proven successful in the field on finding all of the real world drugs and the attempts at the dealers masking them. And due to the technology of the Getxent tube- is able to find incredibly small amounts in school searches which people would never have been able to find. I will remain a loyal Getxent client and look forward to testing new odours in their range.

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