Unraveling the potential of breath and sweat VOC capture devices for human disease detection: a systematic-like review of canine olfaction and GC-MS analysis

Jul 3, 2024

This publication lists 5 main features required by an ideal VOC capture devices for human disease detection by both dogs and GC-MS:

Getxent tubes meet all requirements:

  • Safe, clean and easy to use:
    • medical grade (USP Class VI)
    • single use
    • preconditioned (odor free)
    • easy to handle by the patient
  • Improved sampling selectivity: inert copolymer with polar/apolar block to catch both polar/apolar molecules
  • Improved sample stability: samples are stable up to years at room temperature
  • Optimal injection in GC-MS systems: size compatible with GC-MS vials
  • Long-time odors diffusion for dog sniffing: designed for working dogs, up to 6 months use

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