The Use and Potential of Biomedical Detection Dogs

Jul 3, 2024

This study shows that BioMedical Detection Dogs (BMDDs) "offer a mobile, autonomous, non-invasive screening approach that provide real-time detection results in an efficient, reagent-free, and cost-effective manner."

It is thus key to have a reliable tool to train and sample odor from patients: "Odor ad/absorption-based training aids present a safe and reproducible way to capture and release a variety of odors from potentially hazardous material".

Getxent tubes meet all requirements:

  • Safe for dogs and humans as they are biocompatible USP class VI
    and do not collect pathogen agents during sampling
  • Reliable thanks to their block structure that allows the capture of the full odor profile of any material
  • Reproducible as their production is standardised

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