Odor Getxent tubes Bed bugs
Odor Getxent tubes Bed bugs

Odor Getxent tubes Bed bugs

Odor Getxent tubes Bed bugs

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Training aids for detection dog

Do you want to train your dog on real bed bugs odor without any risk of infestation? Thanks to Odor Getxent tubes Bed bugs, you can safely train your dog without breeding or keeping live bed bugs.

The odor Getxent tube provides a safe and effective way to train detection dogs in real-world conditions. These odor Getxent tubes release the bed bugs scent accurately and continuously for up to six months, allowing for long-term training.


Getxent tubes, a patented technology of Polymer Odor Capture and Release. 


Pack of 10 Getxent tubes already impregnated seven days with 25 live bed bugs.

Key features

  • Effective for training detection dogs in real-world conditions, from imprinting to operational detection
  • Releases odor molecules accurately and continuously for up to 6 months
  • Patented technology based on an innovative polymer


  • 10x Getxent tube ready to use with bed bugs odor in it
  • Tube dimensions: 8x35 mm / 0.3x1.4 in.
  • Tube weight: 0.93 g / 0.002 lbs
  • Shelf life: 6 months

Shipping & delivery

For odor tubes references not in stock (inventory on the way), please allow three to four weeks for shipping.


Bed bug detection dogs are particularly useful for early detection of bed bug infestations. Since bed bugs can reproduce quickly and infestations can escalate rapidly, early detection allows for prompt intervention before the problem becomes widespread and more challenging to control. They are employed to identify the specific areas where bed bugs are present:

  • Public access buildings (hotels, cinemas): To provide comfort and prevent the potential spread of bed bugs, inspection of hotels rooms, conference rooms or cinemas by bed bug detection dogs are key.
  • Multi-Unit Housing and Apartments: In multi-unit housing, such as apartments and condominiums, bed bug detection dogs are employed to identify and contain infestations before they spread to neighboring units. This helps property managers and residents address the issue promptly.
  • Public Transportation: Bed bug detection dogs may be used in public transportation settings, such as buses or trains, to identify and address potential infestations. This is important for preventing the spread of bed bugs to different locations and ensuring passenger comfort.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities may utilize bed bug detection dogs to conduct proactive inspections and respond quickly to any potential infestations. Early detection is essential in educational settings to prevent the spread of bed bugs among students and staff.



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