Newsletter - March 2023

Oct 5, 2023
Every trimester, we give you a recap of what happened during the past months, and an update on what to expect next!


Editorial - Gregory Herin (CEO)

“Starting 2023, I would like to reflect on 2022 which was an amazing journey for Getxent and its team.”

We have continued to grow in order to provide more solutions for the K9 community and beyond.

We focused our ressources to help bridging the K9 field observations with science, making available the findings from the scientific community and ours under one umbrella: Getxent Research page

We are also happy and excited to be able to provide you the opportunity to analyze your impregnated Getxent tubes in our lab via Gas Chromatography coupled Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS) which will enable you to have better understanding of your impregnation settings.

Leveraging on this knowledge, the Getxent technology is now used in other fields for odor profile analysis allowing to see the unseen thanks to its amazing capability to concentrate odor.

In 2023, we have decided to center our attention on the expansion of the Getxent RASCO which, associated with detection dogs, is an incredible solution for high speed and high volume screening.

Cyno Ops seminar

Getxent is an official partner of Cyno-Ops seminar every year, and you could find our team at the last edition back in November.

➡️ Cyno Ops, the Geneva seminar of K9 units, was born from the desire of 2 dog technicians to bring together K9 professionals around conferences and exhibitors in order to improve our knowledge, share experiences and simply meet up!

"CYNO-OPS now enjoys a reputation beyond the borders of France and brings together canine technicians from France and French-speaking countries, from various administrations such as the gendarmerie, the police, customs, armies, the navy, Swiss & Belgian armies, UN, special forces, and many other French and foreign administrations."

It was a real pleasure introducing the Getxent technology and answering all your questions about our products. We can’t wait to meet you again at the next seminar!

2023 seminars : where to find Getxent next

In 2023, Getxent decided to sponsor various events and seminar…

  • May 2-3-4th 2023 : Thin Blueline Conference (Pittsburgh)

Thin Blueline’s conference was started to be different, and they have been from the start! From an exclusive instructor lineup, classes, and doing the very best they can to take care of those who believed in them from the start.

  • May 23-24-25th 2023 : FIU (Miami)

Join us for the inaugural Canine Olfaction and Detection Science Conference at FIU's own Kovens Convention Center in Miami, Florida. FIU has been the leader in the scientific advancements for canine detection since 1998, establishing the standards for canine & handler detection team training.
This is a 3-day symposium with more than 20 of the top experts from around the world in the fields of detection, olfaction, and canine training and behavior.

More to come soon… Stay tuned!


GIVEAWAY : and the winner is…


To thank all of our lovely customers around the world for their continuous support, we decided to organize an exceptional giveaway a month ago! 🏅

Congratulations @lamoureuxmonique ! You are the winner ! 🏆

What was up to win?
➡️ A Getxent RASCO + 50 Getxent tubes + 50 vials (ideal for impregnated Getxent tubes!) & a Getxent bag! 🎁

Stay tuned, we will organize more giveaways in the near future!

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