Our approach

Consumers understanding
Consumers understanding

Getxent is developing better products based on the consumer’s needs.

Product development
Product development

Getxent is inventing tomorrow's detection products today.

Performance assessment
Performance assessment

Developing the best products is not enough; you must be able to prove their performance. Getxent has this covered.

Innovation is not only a question of money, but also passion and skills.

Independent research

A unique technology
Use of Canine Olfactory Detection for Covid-19

UAE Covid-19 detection dog trained with Getxent tubes

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The Use and Potential of Biomedical Detection Dogs

Review of training aids for Biomedical Detection Dogs

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Analysis of non-hazardous canine training aids for triacetone triperoxide (TATP)

Headspace analysis of non-hazardous canine training aids for TATP

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TATP: Preparation, characterisation and first tests of canine training aids

Review of training aids for TATP

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The use of an intermittent schedule of reinforcement to evaluate detection dogs’ generalization from smokeless-powder

Getxent tubes impregnated with Smokeless Powder

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Our findings

Getxent tube, the safest training aid

Key takeaway: No psychoactive molecule contains in the odor profile of an impregnated Getxent tube with cocaine.

Odor release control of Getxent tubes

Key takeaway: Odor concentration from the Getxent tube increases with the impregnation time (Cadaver).

Getxent tube, 100% parent odor fidelity

Key takeaway: The odor release by the Getxent tube is identical as the one coming from the odor source (tobacco).


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