Newsletter - July 2023

Oct 5, 2023
Every trimester, we give you a recap of what happened during the past months, and an update on what to expect next!



Our website got itself a fall makeover!


What’s new :

- a more sober and refined design

- merger of our online shop and our showcase website

- FAQ category to answer all your questions

- a brand new product

- buy odor analysis directly online

…and more.

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts!




Odor Getxent tubes for $150


You asked for it, we listened!

You can now buy odor Getxent tubes from our brand new website.

The odor Getxent tube provides a safe and effective way to train detection dogs in real-world conditions.

Key features

- Effective for training detection dogs for Operations

- Releases odor molecules accurately and continuously for up to 6 months

- Wide range of target odors available (25+ !) for detection dog training from imprinting to operational detection 

- Patented Polymer Odor Capture and Release technology 



INTERVIEW - Monique Lamoureux

Winner of our winter giveaway



Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Monique, and I live in Vernon, BC, Canada. I am a Dog Trainer and K9 handler that is involved in Search, Recovery & Detection with my K9 partners Rogue & Asher. We specialize in HRD (Human Remains Detection) & are just starting our journey in Drug Detection. My K9 partner Rogue and I are certified in Wilderness Cadaver & Land HRD. We are a part of two amazing organizations: Roots K9 Inc & SRD K9s. 

What did you think of the products you received?

I'm in love with the Getxent tubes! They make training so much more convenient and allow me to fine-tune my dog's skills because of how small they are.

How did the Getxent products help you in your dog training needs?

The Getxent tubes make training clean, discrete and easier to hide & store. I also love that they make it possible to be able to travel with source/training aids.

Would you recommend Getxent products to a friend? Why?

I already HIGHLY recommend Getxent products to anyone in the K9 Search, Recovery & Detection world! They make training so much more convenient in so many different ways.



Focus on nonprofit organization : Freethebees

Getxent RASCO used in brood diseases detection in beehives!

In their effort to prevent brood diseases in beehives, FREETHEBEES are using trained dogs with Getxent RASCO to detect any sign of infection. We’re very proud to take part in this project by also analyzing the odor profile of their impregnated Getxent tubes.

FREETHEBEES make bee research accessible to all levels of knowledge. They show simple and pragmatic possibilities for action to protect and promote the free-living honey bee, which is threatened with extinction.

In the long term, the test method is to be used with trained dogs throughout Switzerland for all around 175,000 bee colonies.

Our CEO Gregory Herin has been so convinced by the public interest of this project that he is also helping FREETHEBEES to raise funds.