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Can I use control tubes ("blanks")?

We don't recommend using control tubes ("blank").

Indeed, the blank Getxent tubes are sold odorless. We have performed several analysis with our Gas Chromatography coupled Mass Spectroscopy, there are no odor molecules on the blank tubes which has been confirmed by the study financed by FBI.

In parallel, we ran several trials with dogs (around 100) and none have marked any interest. Couple of our customers tried to train a dog to detect a blank Getxent tubes but it was a failed.

On top, if you want to use blank tubes during the training, you have to change them frequently (every 5-10 minutes) which is good for Getxent but not for your wallet. Indeed, as long as the blank Getxent tube is out, it will start to absorb odors and might absorb the target odor.

Updated on 24 Jan 2024